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The North-Eastís amazing diversity makes it a holiday-destination for all seasons. Travellers from all over the world prefer to go these places, where you will feel you are in the arms of Mother Nature. The infinite varied flora, fauna and avian life. The raw natural beauty rare orchids and butterflies, brightly painted monasteries, challenging mighty Brahmaputra & more rivers, intricately woven tribal shawls, indigenous sports, each one has its own special message to the traveller as passes from one state to another. For centuries, the passes and valleys of the north-eastern region were the great crossroad of the movement of people, commerce & culture that linked India overland to east & South-East Asia.


We offer Tour iteneraries that take you to amazing culture and heritage destination of Northeast India in particular and india in general .Travel to fascinating destination with us -tour the cities with thier grand monuments,wildlife santuaries rich in fuana and flora and heritage destination rich in culture and tradition it gives us great pleasure to invite you all to our world of Cozy & comfortable


North-East simplified

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